Welcome to The On Board Life! (TOBL for short)

What the heck is The On Board Life?
It seems that there are lots of people in the boating community who talk about all the hardcore things about boating: waypoints, navigation, gear, repairs. TOBL is a lifestyle media product that highlights the liveaboard lifestyle. It's all about the fun and excitement of this great way to live. We'll keep it light and friendly.

Who are we?
We are Darrell Grob and Lisa Bochatey and we are the crew of MV Why Knot, a 45 foot Thompson Nelson diesel trawler. We are Gold Loopers and coastal cruisers. We also operate www.whyknotonthegreatloop.com Our home ports are Denver, CO and St. Louis, MO.

How can we be contacted?
Darrell's email address is darrell.grob@gmail.com
Darrell's phone number is 314-333-1134
Twitter     @skipperdarrell
Facebook SkipperDarrell

What are the different kinds of content?
TOBL Links - Various interesting links of any kind of things that would be of interest to boaters.
Reviews - Whether it's a locale, a restaurant, a book, or music you can write a review and have it published on TOBL.
Videos - We love videos!
Articles - Same as a review, if you have an interesting article and would like to have it appear online, you can put it here.
Boat Floaters - Anything else that floats your boat.

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