Friday, March 29, 2019

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Let's Get Reacquainted

Greetings! I'm Darrell Grob and I want to welcome you back to The On Board Life and Why Knot Great Lakes Grand Tour blogs, two different blogs about our boating life. And since you had at one time subscribed to one of these two blogs, you actually had subscribed to both. Ain't life grand? The purpose of this entry is to reacquaint you with them and fill in the spaces about how I want to share our trawler cruising lifestyle with you.

The On Board Life (TOBL) is dedicated to the trawler cruising lifestyle in general. We're living the dream and loving the lifestyle. Posts can be about anything having to do with big boats (sail and power), marinas, destinations, opinions, reviews, or any other subject having to do with trawler cruising.

The Why Knot Great Lakes Grand Tour (WKGLGT) is the log, chronicle and record of our current boating adventure, a 5+ year exploration of The Great Lakes, North America's fresh water treasure. It's our greatest adventure yet, and you're on the crew.

With these two blogs, you'll be able to keep track of not only our routes and destinations, with a plethora of pictures and videos to boot, but also stay abreast of boating issues and interests. It's a fun combination.

Now, on top of all that, there is also the TOBL/WKGLGT YouTube channel that has dozens of videos about every aspect of our trawler cruising life. You need to subscribe to that.

I'm a Pinterest fanatic too. I'm also on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. Here are the links.
Facebook - Skipper Darrell
Twitter - @skipperdarrell

Also, just to go totally overboard, you can also search #skipperdarrell on any of the platforms and find my content. #skipperdarrell

“But Skipper Darrell,” you ask, “why are you doing all this?”

Simple. It's because I'm crazy. But Admiral Lisa and I want to share our experiences with everyone. And after several years of emphasizing make videos, I decided I liked writing the blogs more. But there will still be videos, but not as complex as they have been recently. (They're hard work!)

So, if you'd like to remain a subscriber to the blogs, you don't have to do anything else. You're in. If you want to unsubscribe, click the unsubscribe link in the subscription reminder you received. But do subscribe to the YouTube channel and friend me on Facebook. (I'm very sensitive, and if you don't like me or subscribe, I'll be crushed. Really. My eyes are tearing up already.)

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