Sunday, February 11, 2018

Still Studying For My OUPV

Several weeks ago (and in the post directly preceding this one) I told you about my experience taking my OUPV Captain's license exam. To quickly recap, it went fine, all things considered. I passed three of the four module tests easily, but I missed the Rules of the Road module by one stinking question. Well, I'm retaking the Rules of the Road exam Tuesday, February 13th. I'm also taking the Master's license upgrade.

The Rules of the Road exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions that one must get a 90% grade on. That means you can only get three questions wrong. Fair enough. The Rules of the Road are very important and deserve having a high passing grade.

I am working my ass off to be ready for my re-exam. The system I'm using is the Mariner's Learning System, and according to their own information, the questions that are in the book quizzes and online quizzes are the questions that appear in the test, so I'm cramming on all the questions that appear in the Rules of the Road module in their book and online system. (They can make that claim because they create the tests that are used for the exam.)

And how many questions are there? 315 in the Rules of the Road sections. And I've answered and re-answered them damn near every day for the last month, just like yesterday (2/10/2018). And how did I do on those questions? What was my score? I missed only three. THREE out of 315. For those of you keeping score at home, that's a grade of 99.36%. On the Master's upgrade, I scored a 98.43% -- 251 correct out of 255 questions. But the score for the Rules of the Road is the one that's important to me.

I need to pass the Rules of the Road module to earn my OUPV (Six Pack) license this time. That's the bottom line. That's the key. If I somehow muff it again, I basically have to go back and start over again, and that would suck. If I passed the Rules of the Road exam and failed the Master's upgrade, that's not quite as bad because the Master's exam is strictly multiple choice questions. To have to redo the entire OUPV exam would require that I do the entire damn thing over again from the very beginning. Quizzes, module exams, chart plotting, then take the whole exam again. It would be a lot more work, and I'm not exactly sure I have the gumption to go that route again.

But getting a 99.36% score on 315 questions ... that's good, isn't it? That sounds awesome. I should be able to go into this exam on Tuesday with full confidence I'm going to murder the damn thing. But I don't. I'm as nervous about this as anything I've done in the last ten years. Seriously! So, I'm going to cram and cram and cram as much as I can until the moment I have to climb in the car and drive to Boulder to take the exam on Tuesday.