Saturday, November 12, 2016

Our 2016 Winter Cruising Season In All Its Glory! At Least until Just South Of Miami ... Or Until We Change It.

Yay! All my float planning is complete for our 2016 Winter Cruising Season. And its a great plan! It took me hours and hours to come up with this baby, and I know it's a winner. It's all about getting to the Florida Keys for awhile.

Here it is.

We'll cast off from Turtle Cove Marina on Monday, November 14th. Weather looks good to go outside south down to Tampa Bay and back to St. Petersburg Municipal Marina.

We're going to stay there for two days, then start the push south to the Keys, making landfall at Marathon.

Out stops along the way are ...
Blackburn Bay anchorage, between Sarasota and Venice Inlet

Cape Haze anchorage, north of Gasparilla and Charlotte Harbor

Salty Sam's Marina at Fort Myers Beach. We'll stay there three nights.

Rose Marina at Marco Island

West Pass Anchorage

Shark River anchorage. (The exact anchorage coordinates are not set in stone here.)

And finally, to Marathon for a week.

To Key West, but for only a couple of days.

Then, if the weather cooperates, The Dry Tortugas

From there we backtrack to Key West and Marathon. From there we go to ....
Well, I fill you in on that later.

And by the way, before you all chide me along the lines of not being able to get
reservations this late in my planning, I had no problems at all.