Saturday, May 28, 2016

We Are Bax In JAX

Finally! We are back on our boat, Why Knot, in Jacksonville, and we can officially kickoff our 2016 cruising season.  
I know I have many more followers now, so let me take just a paragraph to get you up to speed on our situation. We pulled into Jacksonville in January of 2015 for what we call our Tax Season Shore Leave. Lisa is an accountant and still has a small portfolio of clients for whom she prepares taxes. So, we have to head back to Denver for February and March. So far, so good. We left the boat at the Huckins boatyard with a list of some upgrades and repairs to be done by them while we were gone. Still, so far, so good. While we were in Denver, we both had medical issues. We had to cancel our summer 2015 season. We did get back on board November 2015 to January 2015, but then the Tax Season Shore Leave crept back up. We returned to Denver and got all our business done there (and in St. Louis, our emergency backup hometown). So, we've made it back to Why Knot and moved the boat from Huckins over to The Marina at Ortega Landing.
Let me talk about Huckins.
Overall, we have had a positive experience with Huckins and all the work they performed on Why Knot, (A LOT OF WORK!) almost all of it in our absence. And like what is the normal experience with marine technicians, being on hand to watch over what was being done would have been better than being absent. But we were 1800 miles away.
Not all of it went smoothlt but was eventually completed to our satisfaction. However, I do need to say that we would have been happier with some of the work if we were on-hand at the time it was done.
The one thing that they were extremely good at was how they treated us. Their customer service and contact was second to none. They were attentive, never dismissive, and were always kind and empathetic. (As I said, we had some serious challenges during our time back in Denver, and they were very accommodating.) So, we would recommend Huckins Boatyard on the Ortega River in Jacksonville, Florida if you need work done on your boat. (One more bit of advice...while they do have quite a few slips, they are not a marina. They do not have bathrooms, showers, or pump out.)
But we're back on our boat again, She's ship shape, ready to roll. 
Here's the plan.
We're going to hang out here at Ortega until June 9th. At that time, we are going to start our trek southward and westward. The first place to go to the south of Jacksonville is St. Augustine. We'll spend a night there. Then it's three more nights on the hook to get to get to Vero Beach on the 12th. We'll spend maybe three nights there and cast of the 15th ish. We'll probably then go into Stuart for a night or two. Then we'll head across the peninsula of Florida to Legacy Marina in Ft. Myers for the month of July. Plans after that include cruising to Naples, Calusa, and a few yet to be determined destinations. Eventually, we'll make our way up to Sarasota where we will hunker down for awhile. By that time, it will be early or mid-September. We'll have to head back to Denver by that time for a month or so. We'll then come back to Florida for a couple of more months.
I can hear some of you now. “Don't you have to be up north by June 1st due to those terrible insurance spoilsports?” Eh, no, we don't. Our insurance doesn't have that kind of requirement. Yay us. However, it does have a requirement that we taunt any northbound boats we come across while we head south.

And so we shall.