Friday, March 11, 2016

Our Top Ten Goboat Songs - Part 2 - #5 to #2

Welcome back. Here are #5 to #2 of our favorite goboat songs.

#5 Strike The Bell - from Steady as She Goes: Songs and Chanties from the Days of Commercial Sail

There are lots of great sea chanties, but this one is our favorite. Strike the Bell is an up-tempo jaunt that we just can't help but to sing along with. With its complicated harmonies in the chorus and fun lyrics, Strike The Bell is a mind-worm of epic proportions. Don't say I didn't warn you.

#4 I Am The Doctor - Murray Gold and the BBC Wales Orchestra

Hmm. How do I explain this one? Doctor Who is a British science fiction fantasy television show, and it's our favorite crazy indulgence. (I'm going to forego trying to explain the premise. You'll thank me later.) This song is the theme for the lead character, a mysterious alien known simply as The Doctor. It's triumphant, ominous and whimsical all at the same time, and it was the perfect song to  use as the musical bed for our video of when we completed our Great Loop adventure.

#3 Erie Canal - (traditional) Bruce Springsteen

I still don't quite know why, but cruising through the Erie Canal during our Great Loop adventure was, for some reason, an emotional event for me. Maybe it was the history or the challenge. Or maybe it was this haunting rendition of the traditional folk song by The Boss. The original song, which was almost chanty-ish in its tone and key, was transformed into a dark, dramatic, almost sad ballad by whoever did this arrangement. The main change was to set it in a minor key, and this mode, along with some changes to the melody, made this song jump to life during our time on the canal.

#2 All You Need Is A Boat - Dave Calhoun

Truth be told, until a couple of weeks ago, I'd never heard of Washington state based, trop rocker, Dave Calhoun. But I know him now and I'm digging what he's laying down! Especially All You Need Is A Boat, which I think needs to be the national anthem for all of us boaters. A great little sing-along song, it has a ton of mind-worm potential. 
Here's the link to his website.


Before I reveal the #1 song, here are a few honorable mentions.

Rolling Down To Old Maui

Another chanty. The chorus is terrific. Great story.

Central Time - Pokey Lafarge

My home may be in Denver, but St. Louis is my hometown.

Hula Girl At Heart - Jimmy Buffett

Here's some pics from Lisa's and my wedding on April 10. 2013.

And that's why she's my hula girl at heart.

Next, the #1 goboat song, and the complete story about it.

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